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Welcome to the wiki of Brittle-Fish. If you are looking to learn about using Console.Waterworks in a F#-only environment, you have come to the right place. The aim of this wiki is to teach you about using Console.Waterworks in an F# context. I recommend you read the actual Console.Waterworks wiki if you want to know how it works. You can head over to the wiki by clicking the following link,

Before continuing, I recommend you are familiar with the following:

Notes on Writing Style

  1. Because Console.Waterworks and Console.Waterworks.Core are wordy, I will usually refer them as "C.W." and "C.W.C".
  2. Because C.W.C. is just the .Net Core version of C.W., I will sometimes say C.W. when I mean both. Hopefully, this grouping makes sense when viewed in context.
  3. I will sometimes use "console program" and "console project" interchangeably. This is because how Visual Studio's "file system" works. Overall, there is a "solution" which holds "projects". A project can consist of things like a console program. In-effect, this makes it a "program" and a "project". Hopefully, this makes sense when viewed in context.
  4. In an attempt to keep a level of consistency, I will abbreviate words with a full-stop. So, "HTML" will be written as H.T.M.L. This is because I usually abbreviate "non-tech." words this way and I am not keen on using the different styles in the same text.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Brittle Fish
  2. Introduction to Brittle Fish
  3. Overview of Console.Waterworks
  4. Solution Overview
  5. Adding Console.Waterworks to Your Project
  6. Wiring Console.Waterworks into Your Project
  7. Overview of Command-Methods
  8. Writing Command-Methods in F#
  9. Using the Help Attributes
  10. Referencing Other Projects
  11. Gotchas and Where C# and F# Differ