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Updated the "Usage" attribute copy.

The prompt used in "Usage" now matched the actual prompt in CW_Core_Console.
Craig Oates 6 years ago
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@ -8,12 +8,12 @@ namespace CW_Core_Console
#region Demo-Methods
// These command-methods are to show how a Console.Waterworks program typically looks.
// These command-methods are to show how a Console.Waterworks.Core program typically looks.
[Description("Displays the Help section at run-time")]
[Usage("CW_Console> Help")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> Help")]
public static string Help()
CW_Liaison liaison = new CW_Liaison();
@ -23,31 +23,31 @@ namespace CW_Core_Console
[Description("Outputs a message indicating this program is running okay.")]
[Usage("CW_Console> Test")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> Test")]
public static string Test() => "Test complete.";
[Description("Repeats back to the user the string they entered.")]
[Parameters("<string> input")]
[Usage("CW_Console> Say \"Hello, World.\"")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> Say \"Hello, World.\"")]
public static string Say(string input) => $"{input}";
[Description("Displays the date and time at the moment the command is entered")]
[Usage("CW_Console> GetDate")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> GetDate")]
public static string GetDate() => $"{DateTime.Now}";
[Description("Takes the two ints and adds them together.")]
[Parameters("<int> int, <int> int2")]
[Usage("CW_Console> Add 31 10")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> Add 31 10")]
public static string Add(int int1, int int2) => $"{int1} + {int2} = {int1 + int2}";
[Description("Terminates the program.")]
[Usage("CW_Console> Quit")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> Quit")]
public static void Quit() => Environment.Exit(-1);
@ -68,31 +68,31 @@ namespace CW_Core_Console
[ListCommand(false)] // change to true or delete "false" for it to show at run-time.
[Description("Alias for \"Test\". See \"Test\" for details.")]
[Usage("CW_Console> test")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> test")]
public static string test() => Test();
[Description("Alias for \"Say\". See \"Say\" for details.")]
[Usage("CW_Console> say \"Hello, World.\"")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> say \"Hello, World.\"")]
public static string say(string input) => Say(input);
[Description("Alias for \"GetDate\". See \"GetDate\" for details.")]
[Usage("CW_Console> date")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> date")]
public static string date() => GetDate();
[Description("Alias for \"Add\". See \"Add\" for details.")]
[Usage("CW_Console> add 24 67")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> add 24 67")]
public static string add(int int1, int int2) => Add(int1, int2);
[Description("Alias for Quit. See Quit for details.")]
[Usage("CW_Console> quit")]
[Usage("CW_Core_Console> quit")]
public static void quit() => Quit();