A REST-API built with Flask and Python. Its main purpose is to receive the readings from the light meters welding booths in the Ritherdon factory and make them available for consumption by the relay-controllers in the gallery.

Updated 3 years ago

A website built in Common Lisp using Caveman2 as its framework. It is based on a collection of tutorials written by hyotang666. Those tutorials are based on chapters from the book 'Basic Ruby on Rails'. hyotang666 ported the Ruby code to Common Lisp.

Updated 2 years ago

A website for producing interactive charts without writing a single line of code. Built with Common Lisp and Python.

Updated 11 months ago

Public archive for the Return to Ritherdon project.

Updated 4 months ago

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A blogging website with a focus on collecting recipes and searching for them based on their ingredients.

Updated 2 months ago