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The documentation repository for the software projects developed for the 'Return to Ritherdon Project' by Nicola Ellis. http://www.nicolaellis.com
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return-to-ritherdon-project-logo Return to Ritherdon Documentation

Disclosure: This file was written by Craig Oates and all information I have cited about the other parties where taken from their respective websites. I have, also, applied minor editing in places to help readability - in the context of this file. Please use the links listed below for the original/official version of the sourced material. Craig is the author of the software for the 'Personal Flash in Real-Time' project and its technical documentation

This documentation is not targetted at the general public. It is for those with experience in the following:

  • sofware development (ideally Python)
  • Linux (in general)
  • Amazon Web Services (virtual machines and SSH)
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Nginx
  • electronics (to a basic level)
  • .Net and UWP (for Eyes and Ears project only)

Return to Ritherdon Overview

'Return to Ritherdon' is a two year residency at Ritherdon & Co Ltd, a manufacturer of metal enclosures based in Darwen, Lancashire U.K. It was devised by artist Nicola Ellis and funded by Arts Council England.

About the Artist: Nicola Ellis

Nicola is interested in the properties, value, function and circulation of materials. She has a current focus on metals and the companies that work with them, her work draws on the visual and spoken language of industry operations, fabrication and profiling processes. The parameters for her sculpture, installation, drawings and videos include relationships between people, businesses and technology.

About the Manufacturer: Ritherdon

Established in 1895, Ritherdon have been manufacturing a variety of electrical enclosures and related products for many decades. A combination of a passion for innovation with close working relationships with their customers means that they are continually developing and expanding their product ranges.

About: Arts Council England

They were set up in 1946, by Royal Charter, to champion and develop art and culture across the country. They are governed by an Executive Board and National and Area Councils.

Overview of Return to Ritherdon Docs (rtr-docs)

This repository houses the documentation for the 'Personal Flash in Real-Time' project which is one project within the much bigger project called Return to Ritherdon. The contents of the 'Personal Flash in Real-Time' consists of three smaller projects (and two secondary) which are:

The secondary projects are:

Main Project Overview

As you can see, 'Personal Flash in Real-Time' is what this repository is for, which is just one artwork/project within the much bigger 'Return to Ritherdon' project. Within 'Personal Flash in Real-Time' is three smaller projects (listed and linked above). Below is a quick summary of how the three projects operate. (Please refer to the doc. files within this repo. for more in-depth breakdowns of how this all works.)