A data exploration project using data from: https://www.craigoates.net
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<2023-03-26 Sun> Project Information

This is a data exploration project using data from craigoates.net. It goes about this using the Literate Programming Approach. If are you unfamiliar with Literate Programming, you might find the lack of code files unusual but don't worry. This is normal when approaching programming this way. Also, if you are unfamiliar with the .org file extension, think of it as a expanded version of a markdown (.md) file. The code blocks in these .org files are what are executed and the text surrounding them bring extra context and help explain what the code is doing.

The project assumes familiarity with the following:

  • Emacs
  • Org-Mode

    • Org-Babel
  • Common Lisp
  • Bash
  • Linux (Ubuntu/Debian)

The code in this project should run on a Mac and Windows, it just hasn't been tested on those systems.

To get the project onto your machine,

  git clone https://git.abbether.net/craig.oates/co-data.git
  cd co-data

Let the exploration begin…

<2023-03-26 Sun> Project/Environment Set-up

Before you start opening the other files, you need to make sure you have set-up you environment properly – after a fresh clone of the repository.

  # Make sure you are at the project's root.
  mkdir output exported

Your version of the repository should look something like the following,

  tree -L 2
├── artwork.org
├── data
   └── co-production-2023-03-21.db
├── exported
├── output
└── README.org

3 directories, 4 files
  • data/ contains all the input data you want to process and you shouldn't need to write anything to here – only read.
  • output/ is where all the (transformed) data from data/ goes; Consider this the project's workbench.
  • exported/ is used for exporting/converting the .org files (E.G. into PDF or HTML files); The contents of this directory will be ignored by git so it does not clog-up the commit history. I tend to view it as a place to store files you intend to share with others in a more conventional format.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of duplicated information, the contents of data/ will be expanded upon in the other .org files and not here.

All versions of the database to craigoates.net will not be included in the repository. I will export the data to data/, typically as CSV files, with the non-public data removed and use that instead of the database.