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Craig Oates 2 years ago
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@ -7,7 +7,18 @@ websites. I have, also, applied minor editing in places to help
readability - in the context of this file. Please use the links listed
below for the original/official version of the sourced material. Craig
is the author of the software for the 'Personal Flash in Real-Time'
project and its technical documentation**
This documentation is not targetted at the general public. It is for
those with experience in the following:
- sofware development (ideally Python)
- Linux (in general)
- Amazon Web Services (virtual machines and SSH)
- Raspberry Pi
- Nginx
- electronics (to a basic level)
- .Net and UWP (for Eyes and Ears project only)
## Return to Ritherdon Overview
@ -74,20 +85,4 @@ all works.)
### Goals of This Repository
The intention with this repository is to create a place which tracks
all the documentation changes across the 'Personal Flash in Real-Time'
project in one place. This should help people whom are not exposed to
the project in any sustained way have a single place they can go to
for information about the projects within 'Personal Flash in
Real-Time'. With that said, **the documentation hosted here is for
technicians and 'back of house' staff**. The content within this
repository does not prioritise general public use.
You can read the documentation in this repository in two ways:
1. read the raw markdown (.md) files within the project folders in
this repository, or;
2. ~~download a 'Released' version and read that (as a .pdf).~~