2 Adding Console.Waterworks.Core to Your Project
Craig Oates edited this page 3 years ago

The are several ways to add Console.Waterworks.Core (C.W.C.) to your project. You can do it via the Package-Manager Console or the G.U.I. -- both are in Visual Studio. Another way to add C.W.C. to your project is via the .Net CLI tool.

// Make sure you use enter the version number you want.

// Package Manager Console
Install-Package Console.Waterworks.Core -Version

// .Net CLI Tool
dotnet add package Console.Waterworks.Core --version

If you are using the NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio, you can search for C.W.C. and install it from there. If you do that, your Visual Studio should look similar to the image below.

nuget package manager gui

You can find more information about C.W.C. on NuGet's website. If you would like to do that, use the following links: