3 Repository Breakdown
Craig Oates edited this page 3 years ago

The code-base in this repository is a typical Visual Studio solution. Within the solution is three projects. They are:

  • a .Net Core 2.1 library
  • a .Net Core console program
  • a .Net Core 2.1 "testing" library

All three projects are written in C#.

The solution's main project is the .Net Core 2.1 library, called Console.Waterworks.Core. This is where you will most likely want to start your exploration of the code-base. The other two are secondary but important parts of the solution. Their names are CW_Core_Console and CW_Tests. To help you grasp what that looks like, please consider the following image.

solution overview

The image below shows how each project is referenced within the solution. Console.Waterworks.Core and CW_Core_Console are referenced in CW_Tests; And, Console.Waterworks.Core is referenced in CW_Core_Console. This leaves Console.Waterworks.Core referencing none of the other two.

project references